Nature & Outdoors






To look at the birds

Squirrel in the Winter 2

Walking Trail in the Winter ~ 2

Frozen Pond ~ 2

Frozen Pond ~ 1

Autumn Colors ~ 2

Autumn Colors ~ 1

Reflections Series ~ 5

Black-Eyed Susan

Unusual Wild Mushrooms ~ 3

Reflections Series ~ 4

A Walk Through the Forest

Beside the Trail

Reflection Series ~ 3

Walking Trail in the Winter

Just a bit of red

Squirrel in the Winter

Hoar Frost


Winter Snow

Bridges ~ 1

Stream in the Winter

South Saskatchewan River ~ 1

Colours of Fall ~ 2

Stream in the Fall

Colours of Fall ~ 1

Red Gerbera Daisy


Peeping Tom Cat

Reflections Series ~ 2

Reflections Series ~ 1

Unusual Wild Mushrooms ~ 2

Unusual Wild Mushrooms ~ 1

The Wild Rose

Along the Nature Trail

The Ruffed Grouse

Abstract Photography

The Prairie Lily

The South Saskatchewan River

Walking along the trail

The grass is always greener on the other side!

Walking in the great Outdoors

Feeding the Birds

The Vibrant Colours of Autumn

Autumn Mushrooms

Squirrel posing for pictures

Cooking over the open fire

It’s a clear day


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